About the Artist

Photo of Mirza MohamedMirza was born on December 18th, 1943 near a fishermen’s village in the Kharadhar area of Karachi, Pakistan. He started painting as a small child, as soon as he was able to hold a brush in his hands. Painting has been his absolute passion throughout his entire life. His unique style of painting can be described as mystical. His colors are raw, vibrant, and full of energy.

Mirza captures in his paintings the mystical area of human existence, which is between the real world and the unseen world. The world that we are all subconsciously aware of and can relate to intuitively. A world that borders around the fringes of surrealism and fantasy.

Mirza has produced a volume of work that reflects different periods of evolution of his paintings, his outlook on life, and the way he feels. In addition to canvas and paper he has made an extensive use of other mediums such as wood, glass, ceramic, and metal for his work.